Name: Simon Basler

Age: 33, but in my head I am still a child

Place of residence: Winterthur, Switzerland

Shaped my first Board: I think it was back in 2006 when I made a Surfboard with a cut of nose. It was so funny to see how many other brands followed a few years later. 

Started kitesurfing: I got my first Kite when I was a child. In 2001 I bought a HQ Beamer 5m and started on a Mountainborard and on skis. In 2004 I bought a 16m Peterlyn Venom and in 2005 I started Kitesurfing on the water. Since then I was completely addicted to this sport. 

On a foil since: I bought my first Foil in 2016 and also shaped my first Foilboard. The Board was only 1m long and strapless so I struggled a little to get on the Foil. But after 1h of trying I could fly over the whole lake Silvaplana :-). Since then I almost never touched a Twintip again. 

Race or Freeride? I definitely need both. I love to go fast on a Foil and I love the battle on the water with my friends. But after two hours of going up- and downwind I need a switch and then I enjoy a playful strapless session. I also believe that strapless foiling makes me a better racer due to the fact that you learn so much doing all these dancing on a foil. 

Twintip or Foil: Last year my answer was clear for the foil but this year I bought a 10m and 12m Soul for my girlfriend and I really enjoyed all the Twintip Session. I had so much fun doing all these boardoffs and other tricks again. 

Best moment on a Kite: There are so many cool moments. Some nice Snowkite back country tours, flying down some mountains on a kite, foiling in almost no Wind, ride some big waves in Denmark and got some podiums on the Swiss Snowkite Tour and two third places at the Engadinwind. 

Scariest moment on a Kite: I think that was on my Flysurfer Speed 3 in 21m when I got some lift and flew almost for 2 minutes down a mountain. And that was my first flight ever on a Kite. But after I landed save I went up again for an other flight.

My coolest trick: At the moment it is the "Around the World".

What about wingfoiling: Next Question :-) No I like to wingfoil when there are some waves but I don't see any advantages in flat water when I can have a session with a Kite.

 Hobbys I do next to Kitesurfing: When I am not hanging on a Kite you will find me on my Enduro Bike. Since April 22 I also have the paragliding incense and I like to hike and fly in the beautiful Swiss alps. 

Friends and Sponsors: SK Shapes, Flysurfer, SpinOut Shop, Chubanga, Suter Composites