Do you want to go as simple as possible, as indestructible as possible, as light as possible, as so much fun as possible and save up some money, then go for the Pocket AIR!


Who is this Board for?

For all who want to have fun and a super versatile Board wich is under 2kg.  



No unnecessary things on this board. Just a little bit of Rocker and a nice outline. Who needs more?




This is the place where magic happens. Riftboards won't say too much. But there is no foam core in this board and there is some kind of a tripple sandwich construction working. 



If you ride strapless, the pad the only connection between the rider and the board. Riftboards is happy to have the perfect pad for strapless riding, no matter if you ride barefoot or with boots. 


The foil holder fits all standard baseplates 16.5x9cm


Length: 107cm

Width: 42cm 

Weight: 1,7 - 1,8kg

Price: CHF 749

Color: Custom


To buy a Board, please use the contact sheet.

8400 | Winterthur