The Pocket

The Pocket. The ultimate fun for you craziness. 


Who is this Board for?

Do you like the feeling of freedom, happiness and the ability to do some crazy stuff? If yes, the Pocket ist the right board for you. It can do everything. You can ride it in storms, in waves, in flat water, in light wind and even when there is no wind, you will have a lot of fun by using the board for your Pump Foil. 



The Pocket was the very first Foil Board from Riftboards. Since five years it exists in the lineup and every year it is getting a little bit better. The actual Shape is so easy to ride, that even beginners can take it after they managed their first meters on the Foil. The Pocket has a progressive rocker line. It is flat at the back for early and fast planing and towards the front the rocker gets steeper and steeper. The bevels at the rails prevents that the board tilts. 



Riftboards stands for the best quality and most durable Boards on the market. That is why everything is made in a carbon sandwich construction in a Vacuumbag. 

The Board has an XPS Core, then a layer of glass, then Airex, then one layer of biaxial carbon with reinforcements of carbon where it is needed. 



If you ride strapless, the pad the only connection between the rider and the board. Riftboards is happy to have the perfect pad for strapless riding, no matter if you ride barefoot or with boots. 


Custom Made


You can have the Board like you want. Choose the Color, position of the Box and the size. Riftboards gives you three sizes to choose from. 


Length: 99 cm, 109 cm, 119 cm. 

Width: 42cm 

Price CHF 899.-


To buy a Board, please use the contact sheet.

8400 | Winterthur