The Race 2021

Photo by Cyril Balderer
Photo by Cyril Balderer

Info: Riftboards is still testing the Version for the Chubanga V3. The final prototypes are almost ready.  Please notice that the Board for Chubanga will be completely different in the Shape and can not be used for other foils. 


The Race Foilboard is our high performance race machine for all who want a Board with no compromises. Everything on this Board is custom and handmade by Riftboards. Riftboard uses only the best materials available for the Pro Race Bord. 



We tested a lot of different shapes and rocker lines during the last four years. We worked together with some pro riders from the World Race Tour, kite Designers and the Swiss Kiterace Team. Due to the fact of many feedbacks Riftboards could make the best working Rockerline for the Pro Race. For 2021, we changed the Rockerline a little bit that the new Board will fit perfect for the Olympic Foils. Thanks to the new Rockerline we could also improve the "neutral water touch". When you touch the water during a course race the board won't bounce up. You almost don't feel the touch because the board don't touches in the front and bounce off, it touches between the feet and at the end of the Board and that gives you a neutral touch. So you don't have any troubles when touching the water. 



Due to a new carbon fiber layup, new sandwich construction and a new Tuttle Box Riftboards could make the Boards stronger and lighter. We are now at 2.4kg with Pad and Straps. 

We only use the best Materials for our Boards and everything is made in a professional Sandwich Construction.  


Box / Rails

Almost everything is possible. The standard is a parallel cutted Tuttle Box. This Box is cutted at 43mm so almost every new Foil will fit in the Box. This thinner Box gives you a better angle over the foil and you can push harder and have more control. The thinner board allows flatter bevel which are much more forgiven when touching the water. 

It is also possible to have the Pro Board with a normal Tuttle Box or with Rails. The position of the Box is custom made and changes on the riders weight. So let me know your Foil and your weight.


Pad / Grip

Under the Straps we use a thin, high performance EVA Pad from FCS wich gives you a super feedback over the Foil. Between the Straps we use Hexagon Pads wich you will find all over the World in some Surfshops or in the Internet. So when your Pad is loosing grip, you can easy replace it. 



To make the Boards smaller for better upwind angle Riftboards designed a special V-Strap for the front foot




Board length between 132 cm and 136 cm. Width between 36 cm and 40cm (depends on your foot size)



Standart Color: The only rule ist not more than 2 colors and 1 clear line between the colors. We can make almost every color available. 

Pro Color: Flip Flop Effect 




CHF 1499 inkl. T-Shirt 

Flip Flop Effect + CHF 100

Go Pro Mount + CHF 20 


How to order

The easyest way is using the contact sheet. Tell me what you need and we will find the perfect board for you.

8400 | Winterthur