SK Shapes - Unique Bar

Custom Foilboard Custom Carbon bar

After  more than 10 prototypes series and more than a year of testing on and off the professional race circuit, SK Shapes finally can call our carbon bar the ideal choice for all hydrofoil sessions. This carbon bar is available in three different length. The rigging can be customized by the rider. Because we attached great importance to quality, our lines are handcrafted in Switzerland.



- light weigh

- more direct kite feeling

- closer to the body

- bar floats without floaters

- simplicity

- extremely safe single front line safety

- customizable

- nice looking 



50cm:   155g*

55cm:   165g*

60cm:   180g*

*Bar Only, +- 5%

The bar comes without Quick Release System. It is the riders resonsibility to use a reliable and safe Quick Release System. 

This is a high performance carbon bar designed for hydrofoil kiteboarding. It is not designed for unhooked riding or soaring/flying. SKshapes expressly warns against using this bar for anything but foilboarding. SKshapes takes no responsibility for failures, injuries or death resulting from improper use of this bar.

Unique Bar

without Flying Lines & Pig Tails

CHF 439.00

  • Sold Out


CHF 22.00

  • Available
  • 3 - 5 weeks

Flying Lines

Frontlines: 1.5mm (445daN) or 1.1mm (267daN)

Backlines: 1mm (195daN)

CHF 52.80

  • Available
  • 3 - 5 weeks | 8400 | Winterthur