Riftboards worked a long time on this Surfboard. The main goal was to get a light and rock solid Surfboard. And we nailed it! This was possible by using the best materials available. But don't be affright to the lightness. This board is unbreakable. The Carbon / Glas Sandwich construction gives the board a good Flex and the strength you need for the highest jumps. 

The Board has a Channel on the under side to have more control in chop, waves and jumps. It makes landings also softer and easier.

If you need a Board to have your best sessions on it, go for that one!


And it comes still better: This Board can also be used as a Foilboard! Riftboards can make it convertible that you can screw your Foil on this epic surfboard. 


Please note: This Board is custom made for you. Choose the color by yourself. 

CHF 1 450.00

  • Available
  • 5 - 10 weeks | 8400 | Winterthur