Shapers Corner

Here you will find all the things you need to shape for a Board. Riftboards still has some more stuff like squeegees, brushes, varnish, colors ore shaping tools. 

Please use the contact sheet and tell about your project. Riftboards will send you an offer. 


Powsurf / Snowboard

Snowboard core CHF 45/pcs

Edges CHF 12/pcs

ABS Edges CHF 8/m

Base CHF 22/m

Topsheet CHF 23/m

Tipfiller CHF 20/m

Inserts CHF 2/pcs

Epoxy CHF 45/kg

Glass quadaxial CHF 21/m



Topsheet CHF 23/m

Longboard core CHF 25/pcs

Glass triaxial CHF 21/m



Blank EPS CHF 150/pcs

Blank ALAIA CHF 80/pcs

Glass CHF 14/m

Finbox FCS II CHF 20/pcs

Leash plug CHF 6/pcs

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