Pro Race

Selling my personal Raceboard of this Season. I used this Board from April to September. Board is in mint conditions. Only a few micro scratches wich are normal. 

Board comes complete with Straps. Fits every Foil out there. Screws for the Foil are not included. 


136x38cm, Deep Tuttle 15m from the Back. 

PS: This Board was on the Podium at the Engadinwind Marathon. 

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Photo by Alex Schwarz / Roblines, SK Shapes
Photo by Alex Schwarz / Roblines, SK Shapes

Race Foilboard

It was not easy for Riftboards to shape a perfect Race Foilboard. Riftboards changed the entire manufacturing process using only the best materials for this board. The new raceboards are made for high performance racing. The new Rockerline prevented crashing when you touch the water. We have also invited a new custom Foilbox wich fits perfect for Mikes Lab and Chubanga Foils.  The Back of the Board is super thin (Only 5cm) for better control and more feedback from the Foil. 

Pocket Foilboard

Small, light, agile, versatile and brutally robust. This has to be a modern pocketboard. The Pocket was the first Foilboard made by Riftboards and this model has been steadily developed. Many features have been adopted by the Raceboard during manufacture. The Pocket is full of high tech. Whether with kite or pumpfoil. You have to get this board.

Strapless Freestyle Surfboard

Whether in the wave or when tricking in shallow water. No matter if beginner or professional. This board does it all.

Thanks to the sandwich carbon construction, we were able to build this board extremely stable while maintaining a very low weight. If you are looking for a board that offers maximum performance in any situation, then take a closer look at the Strapless Freestyle Surfboard.

Powdersurfer Powsurfing Snowsurfing


If you want to combine the freedom of surfing with snowboarding, then you hve to make some turns on a Powsurfer. The Powsurfers by Riftboards are made by hand and offer a maximum of performance on the mountain. A light wood core, quadraxial carbon, sintered skibase, topsheet, ABS edges, channels and a unique Grip Pad speak for the high quality of these boards. If you love snow and surfing, you love Powsurfing.

Powdersurfer Powsurfing Snowsurfing


Do you need something for your Board? Riftboards has it. Check out the list of accessoires.

The Pro Race Foilboard is our high performance race machine for all who want a Board with no compromises. Everything on this Board is custom and handmade by Riftboards. Riftboard uses only the best materials available for the Pro Race Bord. 


We tested a lot of different shapes and rocker lines during the last four years. We worked together with some pro riders from the World Race Tour, kite Designers and the Swiss Kiterace Team. Due to the fact of many feedbacks Riftboards could make the best working Rockerline for the Pro Race. Compared to other brands we have a little more Rocker. This helps to kick the Board on the foil with out slowing down because it rolls in the water. An other effect is the "neutral water touch". When you touch the water during a course race the board won't bounce up. You almost don't feel the touch because the board don't touches in the front and bounce off, it touches between the feet and at the end of the Board and that gives you a neutral touch. So you don't have any troubles when touching the water. 



We do not make the lightest boards of all but for sure the strongest. Our Boards are around 2.8kg and constructed in a full double carbon Sandwich construction. Even the rails are shaped in a 10mm Airex Sandwich construction. If you want you can take a hammer and test the board by yourself. We tested it and you need a very hard hit to get through the board. So at the end your board won't last only one season. It will last many years!


Box / Rails

Almost everything is possible. The standard Box is a parallel cutted Tuttle Box. This Box is cutted at 43mm so every Mikes Lab Foil and Chubanga Foil (you have to order the cutted version) will fit in the Box. This thinner Box gives you a better angle over the foil and you can push harder and have more control. The thinner board allows flatter bevel which are much more forgiven when touching the water. 

It is also possible to have the Pro Board with a normal Tuttle Box or with Rails or with Tuttle and Rails. With the normal Tuttle Box, the Board is 2cm thicker and the Rockerline is a little bit flatter. 


Pad / Grip

Under the Straps we use a thin, high performance EVA Pad from FCS wich gives you a super feedback over the Foil. Between the Straps the Board has a custom Grip wich is not to sharp for your feet. If you want you can have the Board complete with Pad or only with the custom Grip. It is your choice. 



To make the Boards smaller for better upwind angle Riftboards designed a special V-Strap for the front foot. To get more Infos about the Straps, click here



The maximal Size of the Board is 144 x 42cm.  We recommed this Sizes for this people:

height  160 -170cm, Board 137 x 36 cm

height 170 - 180 cm, Board 138 x 37 cm

height 180 - 190 cm, Board 138 x38 cm

height 190 or biger, custom



Each Board is custom colored. The only rule ist not more than 2 colors and 1 clear line between the colors. 


How to order

The easyest way is using the contact sheet. Tell me what you need and we will find the perfect board for you


This Powsurfer ist the choice for open areas, long rides and steep hills. It also preforms great in tree runs and steep and narrow terrain. Thanks to the concave outline you can also ride in wet snow if the terrains is not to steep. This board floats like a 170cm Snowboard but is just agile like a rabbit on the escape. This Board comes also with the "Seagull Channel". 

The Board comes with Pad and Leash. 

Please tell your favorite color of the board in the comment area. 


Length: 1500mm

Width: 320mm

Weight: 2.5kg

Conditions: 15cm Powder +, soft snow

8400 | Winterthur