The Pump 3D

Pump foiling has evolved dramatically in recent years, injecting an exhilarating surge into the world of water sports. The dynamic advancements in technology and design have made pump foiling more accessible and thrilling than ever. Notably, the significance of boards has escalated, becoming pivotal to mastering this high-energy sport. As they continue to innovate, boards play a crucial role in unlocking new levels of excitement and performance for pump foiling enthusiasts.

We at Riftboards were watching the development closely and during the last summer we developed our perfect pump foiling board. We think we got very close to the "Masterpiece" of what you need for pump foiling. 

Our 3D deck offers a benefit in control and put all the power from your legs down to the foil and in to forward motion. We also took a close look to get the board as stiff as it can get. You will have zero flex and so you won't loos any power in the flex. 


The Board is available on preorder and more Informations will be on the website very soon. 



World Champion Maximilian Maeder

Riftboards congratulates Max on his victory at the World Championships in Den Haag. It's an honor to have you on board and Riftboards is looking forward to competing with you in the 2024 Olympics!