Photo by Alex Schwarz / Roblines, SK Shapes
Photo by Alex Schwarz / Roblines, SK Shapes

Race Foilboard

It was not easy for Riftboards to shape a perfect Race Foilboard. Riftboards changed the entire manufacturing process using only the best materials for this board. The new raceboards are made for high performance racing. The new Rockerline prevented crashing when you touch the water. We have also invited a new custom Foilbox wich fits perfect for Mikes Lab and Chubanga Foils.  The Back of the Board is super thin (Only 5cm) for better control and more feedback from the Foil. 

Pocket Foilboard

Small, light, agile, versatile and brutally robust. This has to be a modern pocketboard. The Pocket was the first Foilboard made by Riftboards and this model has been steadily developed. Many features have been adopted by the Raceboard during manufacture. The Pocket is full of high tech. Whether with kite or pumpfoil. You have to get this board.

Strapless Freestyle Surfboard

Whether in the wave or when tricking in shallow water. No matter if beginner or professional. This board does it all.

Thanks to the sandwich carbon construction, we were able to build this board extremely stable while maintaining a very low weight. If you are looking for a board that offers maximum performance in any situation, then take a closer look at the Strapless Freestyle Surfboard.

Powdersurfer Powsurfing Snowsurfing


If you want to combine the freedom of surfing with snowboarding, then you hve to make some turns on a Powsurfer. The Powsurfers by Riftboards are made by hand and offer a maximum of performance on the mountain. A light wood core, quadraxial carbon, sintered skibase, topsheet, ABS edges, channels and a unique Grip Pad speak for the high quality of these boards. If you love snow and surfing, you love Powsurfing.

Powdersurfer Powsurfing Snowsurfing


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