The Race Pro 3D

The fastest board for the fastest foils. The Race is the board you need for the Levitaz R5, Chubanga V2 or a Mike's Lab Foil.

Tuttle Box position: 15cm / Board measurements 125 x 40 cm / Color: Custom

Price CHF 1499, board only


Video: Click here

The Race Pro 3D, Chubanga V3 Edition

The perfect choice if you ride a Chubanga V3. This Board is perfectly balanced and it is super easy to get all the performance out of the Chubanga V3.

Tuttle Box position: 11cm / Board measurements 125 x 40 cm / Color: Custom

Price CHF 1499, board only


Video: Click here

The Freeride (new Version available Autumn 2022)

The Freeride is the one for all board. The board has straps, is light and super solid and that is why this Board is the perfect weapon to boost the biggest airs with the foil. The Board also works perfect strapless and for pump foiling or wake foiling.

32cm US Box position: 7cm / Board measurements 125 x 42 cm, Color: Custom

Price CHF 1399, board only

The Pocket Pro 3D

Light, small and the biggest fun you can imagine. The Pocket Pro is the strapless choice for you if you want to have no limits on the foil. Dancing above the water has never been easier.

The 3D deck shape gives you more control over the board and you have always the right deck angle compared to the rocker line.  Confused? Don't worry, there will be a video of the 3D Deck shape very soon. 

32cm US Box position: 6cm / Board measurements 113 x 43 cm, Color: Custom

Price CHF 1099, board only

The Pocket Air

Pump and Kite. A board below 2 kg and unbreakable. With this Board Balz Müller pumped for 6 Minutes and 13 Seconds!

Foil position: Two positions at 4 cm and 8 cm / Through the board assembly / Board measurements 100 x 42 cm / Color: Custom

Price CHF 999, board only



All boards are handmade with the best material available. Each board has an XPS core with a carbon sandwich construction around it. Each board comes with a special designed grip pad. 


How to order

Just use the contact sheet to get in touch with the shaper. The shaping time can be up to three Month. 



Riftboards ships world wide, the buyer pays the shipping and after the board has left the shaping room, Riftboards is not responsible for delivery.