Board Shaper


Name: Simon Basler

Age: 33, but in my head I am still a child

Place of residence: Winterthur, Switzerland

Shaped my first Board: I think it was back in 2006 when I made a Surfboard with a cut of nose. It was so funny to see how many other brands followed a few years later. 

Started kitesurfing: I got my first Kite when I was a child. In 2001 I bought a HQ Beamer 5m and started on a Mountainborard and on skis. In 2004 I bought a 16m Peterlyn Venom and in 2005 I started Kitesurfing on the water. Since then I was completely addicted to this sport. 

On a foil since: I bought my first Foil in 2016 and also shaped my first Foilboard. The Board was only 1m long and strapless so I struggled a little to get on the Foil. But after 1h of trying I could fly over the whole lake Silvaplana :-). Since then I almost never touched a Twintip again. 

Race or Freeride? I definitely need both. I love to go fast on a Foil and I love the battle on the water with my friends. But after two hours of going up- and downwind I need a switch and then I enjoy a playful strapless session. I also believe that strapless foiling makes me a better racer due to the fact that you learn so much doing all these dancing on a foil. 

Twintip or Foil: Last year my answer was clear for the foil but this year I bought a 10m and 12m Soul for my girlfriend and I really enjoyed all the Twintip Session. I had so much fun doing all these boardoffs and other tricks again. 

Best moment on a Kite: There are so many cool moments. Some nice Snowkite back country tours, flying down some mountains on a kite, foiling in almost no Wind, ride some big waves in Denmark and got some podiums on the Swiss Snowkite Tour and two third places at the Engadinwind. 

Scariest moment on a Kite: I think that was on my Flysurfer Speed 3 in 21m when I got some lift and flew almost for 2 minutes down a mountain. And that was my first flight ever on a Kite. But after I landed save I went up again for an other flight.

My coolest trick: At the moment it is the "Around the World".

What about wingfoiling: Next Question :-) No I like to wingfoil when there are some waves but I don't see any advantages in flat water when I can have a session with a Kite.

Hobbys I do next to Kitesurfing: When I am not hanging on a Kite you will find me on my Enduro Bike. Since April 22 I also have the paragliding license and I like to hike and fly in the beautiful Swiss alps. 

Friends and Sponsors: SK Shapes, Flysurfer, SpinOut Shop, Chubanga, Suter Composites



Name: Maximilian Maeder

Age: September, 2006

Place of residence: Singapore

Started kitesurfing: 2017

On a foil since: 10 years old

Best moment on a kite: World Champion 2023

Scariest moment on a kite: During training, a main kiteline wrapped around my finger and the kite went in to a loop. It nearly broke my finger and I got slammed into the water

My favorite place to kite: Bol, Croatia

Greatest successes: 2021 European open Winner, 2021 U19 World Champion, 2022 U21 World Champion, 2022 World Sailing Youth World Champion, 2023 World Sailing Youth World Champion, 2023 World Champion

When there is no wind, I like to: Spend time with family, Play Videogames, Play Chess, Study

My biggest goal: Pursue Mastery of Kitefoil Racing

Why do I ride a board from Rift: The guarantee of quality coupled with impeccable performance is something found very rarely. The outstanding craftsmanship is also something to admire. All in all the boards are wonderful to ride.

Name: Bruce Kessler

Age: November, 1999

Place of residence: Chur, Switzerland 

Started kitesurfing: 2010

On a foil since: 2016

Best moment on a kite: There are countless good moments on a kite but if I have to pick the best moment it is probably when I Kitesurfed on of the best waves in Western Australia!

Scariest moment on a kite: Getting caught in small tornado during a Big Air session at Urnersee.

My favorite place to kite: Walensee / Western Australia 

Greatest successes: Winner and 2nd place at Red Bull Ragnarok / multiple Swiss Champion, 18th European Championship 2023

When there is no wind, I like to … do all sorts of outdoor Activities like biking, skiing, hiking, camping and many more.

My biggest goal:  To qualify for the 2024 Olympics in Formula Kite and get a Medal 

Why do I ride a board from Rift: Because the Riftboards are a Swiss masterpiece and I love the design and shape of my board.

Name: Elena Lengwiler

Age: June 1996

Place of residence: Walensee

Started kitesurfing: 2018

On a foil since: 2020, racing since 2022

Best moment on a kite: still creating best moments regularly 😊 But moments I always do enjoy the most are: sunset sessions, winning tight fights while racing, or synchronized tacking and jibing with training partners

Scariest moment on a kite: It is always a bit scary to go for racing in strong and gusty offshore conditions – but slowly getting used to it 😉

My favorite place to kite: As long as there is flat water and more or less warm temperature, I’m happy. So Switzerland is quite perfect or alternative several spots in Sardinia. 

Greatest successes: 2nd place at the PanAmerican Championships March 2023 / 8th place at the Allianz World Cup June 2023, 15th European Championship 2023

When there is no wind, I like to … spend time with family and friends, do other (outdoor) sports, work & study, play ice hockey or just do whatever I’m fancy to. 

My biggest goal: represent Switzerland at the Olympics 2024 in Paris and reach semifinals

Why do I ride a board from Rift: swissmade, best service, good performance and most beautiful board


Name: Cédric Baker

Age: November, 2006

Place of residence: Ticino. In Caslano that’s near Lugano 

Started kitesurfing: 2017

On a foil since: Autumn 2020

Best moment on a kite: I think one of my best moments on a kite was in Silvaplana when I just learned Foiling. It was at the beginning of Autumn. It was just super nice because the scenario just looked awesome on 1800 m over sea level, at 7 degrees water temperature and 8 degrees air temperature, and all the leaves of the forests around were all red, yellow, and orange. 

Scariest moment on a kite: One of my scariest moments on a kite was during winter training in Egypt when I went for a foil session in 36 kts with my 7m R1. At the beginning it was super scary because I was reaching speeds that I’ve never reached before. But afterwards I looked at it as a good session because I gained a lot of confidence in strong winds.

my favorite place to kite: I'm a bit undecided between Silvaplana and Soma Bay. I like Silvaplana because of the surrounding mountains it just gets this awesome feeling of kiting in the alps. It’s also nice that I know all the people. Silvaplana is my home spot therefore I like it the most. But il love Soma Bay because of the crystal-clear water.

Greatest successes: Yet to come ;)

When there is no wind, I like to go to the Gym, fish, skate or just to stay with my friends or family.

My biggest goal: To go to the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles 

Why do I ride a board from Rift: I love the quality of the boards, and that Simon is always trying out new things to make the boards even more perfect. And I’m really happy to be part of this team.