Surf Foilboard Surfing Foilboarding Surfboard Foilboard

Foiling is one of the most stunning experience you can have on the water. It's getting even better when you use one of the best boards you can find on the market. All boards are custom made.


Surf Foilboard Surfing Foilboarding Surfboard Foilboard

No wave is like the other. That is why Riftboards shapes your Board exactly like you want it. Due new technologies riftboards shapes your 5' 6"freestyle Surfboard under 2kg!

Carbon Bars

This isn't just a normal Kitebar. The unique Carbon Bar from SK Shapes is one of the most advanced Kitebars for racing and free riding. Thanks to its super light construction you feel much more connected to your kite and you get a unbelievable feedback.


Powdersurfer Powdersurfing Snowsurfer Snowsurfing Yukiita

Powdersurfing is a combination of a rider, soft snow, a board and gravity working together in perfect harmony. The most fun and freedom you can have on snow. Ride the Powder with no bindings!


Longboards Riftboards Skate Skateboard Longboarding Surf Surffelleing Streetsurfer Waveboard


The combination of the Cutback Truck and the hanging deck gives you the ultimate Surffeeling on the street. Let the streets be your wave. You have never been riding a better Board. 


Bottleopener Flaschenöffner Ring Skateboard Skate Recycling Upcycling

Small accessoires like T-Shirts, bottle opener or finger rings. | 8400 | Winterthur