Fix the loose Wing

So, we all know that the bigger wings from Gong has the problem, that they will start to wobble on the Fuselage and that is not so cool when you ride it. That is why I found a good solution to fix that problem. First I tried to use Hot Glue. This is an easy and good alternative if you don't have to take the foil apart. Because I have two wings and I like to ride both of them and didn't wat to buy a second fuselage, I needed a better solution. That is why i decided to make some more screws to fix the wing to the fuselage. 

First I made a line from the rear wing straight over the Fuselage over the front wing. Important is, that you have the wing fixed with the original screws to the fuselage. Also during the drilling process! Mark the holes where you want the new screws. 

First I used a 2mm driller for the holes. Just drill until you are in the aluminum of the fuselage. The 2mm driller will left some nice marks to drill with the 5mm later. 
On the downside i made a third whole at the beginning of the wing. (17mm from the edge)

Make sure when you drill that the wing is perfectly horizontal. If necessary use some thin wood ore anything similar to shift the wing. After you thrilled all the holes, take the Wing apart and drill with a 6.5mm thriller thru the wholes in the wing. Need the reamer to countersink the screw. 

Here you can see the marks you will get from the step before in the fuselage. Take now a 5mm driller to get a perfect hole thru the fuselage. Use a grater at the end to get everything cleaner. 

Carefully cut the thread with the M6 thread cutter in the fuselage. Use some lubricant to get a better result. 

If you worked good, everything should easily fix together. Always tighten the bottom screws first. Because that is where the wing touches the Fuselage during your rides. 

Then just use the two top screws to make everything stiff and nice to ride! 

Enjoy the time on the water! 

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