How to Surf Foil on a Lake

I am very addicted to Foil Pumping since I tried it out one year ago. A Friend of mine bought the Tortuga Wing from Moses and we had a great success with a small video on Facebook wich has almost 4500 views. My Problem was, that I was almost too heavy for the Tortuga Wing and the shape is not so effective that you can do some self Dock starts. So I was looking for a new Foil butt at this Time there was not so much in the Internet. 
Finally I bought a Gong Allvator XXl and additional the Pro Wing 120cm. I am not a huge fan from Gong but the price performance ratio is great and I won't spend around 1500 CHF just for a little Pumping action on our lakes. 


Last weekend my Brother and I were on a small Lake near Zurich and we found out how we can Surf Foil on a Lake when there are no waves. So this is how it's done:

#1 - Take the biggest and maybe most efficient Wing you can buy on the market.

#2 - Take care that your buddy is as voluminous as possible.

#3 - Let him make the biggest ass bomb he can!

#4 - Wait a little until the Set is perfect.

#5 - Make a Dock Start by yourself. Ah, I will make a "How to Dock start" later in this Year when I have better Pictures and Videos. 

#6 - Surf the Waves with grace and style!!!

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