SK Shapes, a Swiss brand well known all over the world for the best carbon bars for kitefoilers. I met Stan Keusch the first time in 2016 and the second time we met we already went for three weeks to Denmark together. Since then, we are best friends and have a good exchange together. We phone often more than once a week. The philosophy behind SK Shapes is very close to Riftboards. Stan is always looking for the best product, best performance and he tries to push the boundaries to a higher level. He has truly changed the standard for a perfect kite bar and with the ClickClick, an innovative and minimalistic quick release, he shows that kitesurfing still has a lot of opportunity for improvement. Riftboards is super happy and proud to work so close with a brand like SK Shapes!

Since I started kitesurfing in 2005, I always had a Flysurfer kite in my quiver. One of my favorite Kite over a long time was the Speed 3 in 21m. With this kite I could kite on land and water in marginal conditions and still had a lot of fun. I even had my first big big flights with this kite. Once we used a 40m rope and towed us up. That was soooo crazy.

I am super happy to be part of the Flysurfer Team Switzerland and can use these amazing Kites on Snow and Water.