The Powsurfer

How about a Powsurfer showing the best in every terrain, every kind of snow and every situation? It sounds almost too good to be true. Not? But it really is.

Riftboards has developed a completely new Powsurfer that can really do it all. Designing a board that works well in powder snow is relatively easy. Constructing a board that works in powder snow, in wet snow and on hard snow is a lot more difficult. Last Winter Riftboards has tested over 20 different boards and combined all the features of the different Powsurfoards in a new form, a designed new channels, new outline and new Rockerline. 


The Powsurfer is available in two sizes. 160 and 155 cm.


To get a Board, please use the contact sheet and ask for one. Due to the fact that each Board is custom made, we had to talk anyway with you to know wich size fits best to your weight. Price CHF 650 inkl. Pad and Leash

8400 | Winterthur