The wing foilboard

The Wing Foilboard has the same bullet proof construction as all boards from Riftboards and is ready for freeriding, wave riding and some freestyle maneuvers. The Board has a double concave in the front and due to the square tail, it starts in the lightest wind conditions. This board is for all the riders who want a board for all condition. 

US Box position: 14cm or custom / Board measurements 149 x 60 cm, 65 l / Color: custom 


Price CHF 2099, board only


Video: Click here

The Wing Pro Foilboard

A small board is always a more fun than a big one. The Foil Raceboards has a length if 125 cm and are a blast to ride. Why not a Wingfoil Board with a length of 125 cm? 

The challenge was, to geht the volume of 60l in a shape that is not 15cm thick. So the goal was to have a super direct board, super playful, early planing and robust for big waves and big jumps. The result is a little bit of a square shape with a thickness of 10 cm.

An other new feature is the 3D deck shape that keeps your board parallel to the water. So in strong wind when the wing pushes your upper body forward you have no problems to have the control over the board.

Riftboards is sure, that this board will give you a big smile on your face and if you have the skills to get to a small board, you will love it from the first flight. 

32cm US Box  / Board measurements 125 cm x 61 cm, 59 liter / Color: custom 



All boards are handmade with the best material available. Each board has an XPS core with a carbon sandwich construction around it. Each board comes with a special designed grip pad. 


How to order

Just use the contact sheet to get in touch with the shaper. The shaping time can be up to three Month. 



Riftboards ships world wide, the buyer pays the shipping and after the board has left the shaping room, Riftboards is not responsible for delivery.