Test - Advance Epsilon DLS
07. Mai 2023
Finally had the opportunity to test the new Epsilon DLS. What an amazing wing! I was able to make four flights in different conditions and around 30min of ground handling. All in all I was unimpressed impressed about this Wing, more later. I have my license exactly one year now and could test several wings during this time (+- ten wings). My absolute favorite is the Flare Moustache. There is no way around this wing and a review is planed. An other highlight wing I could fly is the Nova Mentor 7...

Let's talk about: The Board for the Chubanga V3 Foil
18. März 2021
The new series at Riftboards. Let's talk about ... In the first episode I talk about the board you need for the Chubanga V3 Foil.

Hole distance from different Foils
12. Februar 2021
In this Blog I will show you the hole distance of the different Foils out there. At the moment I have the exact measurements of three Foils. I am interested in every Foil out there. So if you have a Foil wich is not listed here, please send me the measurements.

25. März 2020
The Gong Allvator Wing has the problem, that it will start to wobble when you pump it. The Wingspan is too big and the connection to the Fuselage fits a bit loose. But I have a solution. Check it out!

03. Februar 2020
I was finally able to test Moses' 695 wing. Since the temperatures were over 10 degrees and there was wind, I drove to Lake Constance for a stormy session.

20. November 2019
In this Blog you will find a small Video with all the Infos you need to know about the nem Powsurfer for 2020.

17. November 2019
In this short Blog Video you will see how a Powsurfer is made. You don't see all the details of the production. There are still some secrets in the production wich I don't want to share with you.

31. Oktober 2019
In this Blog I will tell you all the difference between the Allvato XXL vs the Allvator XXL Pro. I didn't used the foil in waves. Only flat water pumping.

23. Oktober 2019
This is a small "How to Surf Foil" on a lake when there are no waves. It is a super, simple and not very usable manual for everybody.

23. Oktober 2017
In this Blog I will tell you how to sand your Foil to prevent sucked air during your session. If you follow these steps carefully you shouldn't have any problems with air on your wings and your Foil will be faster.

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